YouTube Advertising

Demand Attention Well And You Will Receive

YouTube is a powerful tool that, like Google AdWords and other social networking advertisement platforms, allows your business to appear to your target market. However, YouTube advertising is different in the way in which viewers engage with your advertisement. Rather than as a passive search-based advert, YouTube advertisements are assertive and interruptive – they demand to be listened to.

Potential customers are guaranteed to engage with your advertisement, which heightens their sense of alertness and attention. Social Appeal will develop three 60-second branded videos with you and your business, and optimise them for YouTube video viewing. These videos will play prior to the commencement of a YouTube video by a specifically-targeted user, incentivising clicks and the generation of leads.

Put your business right in front of the eyes of your existing and potential customers, with YouTube Video Advertisements.


  • 3x 60-Second Branded Videos (with the Branded Story Video product)
  • Professionally Filmed/Edited Footage
  • Initial Advertising Set-Up
  • Advertising Development And Creation
  • Daily Monitoring
  • ROI-Focusing Budget Management
  • Monthly Reporting
Online Advertising Will Increase Sales And Profits With YouTube Advertising