Social Media Management

Be Active. Be Engaging. Be Real.

Social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, have now become the main customer touch points for businesses, and have been proven to drive business exposure and increase profitability and growth.

Social Appeal offers professional Social Media Manegement, where our social media team will assess your business and your social media goals and, through the development of original content, will drive up engagement and activity to reach those goals.

Upon commencement, your social media handle(s) will be audited and calibrated in accordance with your branding solutions and your business vision.

Based upon your goals, interaction levels and your specific business context, Social Appeal will plan a strategic publishing timetable, which will account for days of significance and for your business events.

Next, three original posts per week will be developed, and posted to your social media handle(s) in relation to the strategic publishing timetable.

Interactions with followers and other stakeholders will also be dealt with – in cooperation and constant communication with your business to ensure a uniform customer relationship management protocol is followed.

Social media has become such an ever-present force in todays social and business spheres, and it is important that you, as a business, utilise this necessity.

Similarly, just as social media has become a vital part of business communication, it has also become a way in which businesses can form their own competitive advantages.

With Social Appeals Social Media Management solution, you will stand out from your competitors and make a powerful, long-lasting impression upon your customers.


  • Social Media Platform Set Up (Optional)
  • Social-Branding Calibration
  • Three Original Posts Per Week*
  • Strategic Publishing Timetable
  • General Social Media Maintenance
  • Consultation Sessions
  • Monthly Reporting
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