Email Marketing

Send Your Brand Straight Into Your Customers’ Inbox

Email Marketing has proven its effectiveness and cost-efficiency for over two decades. It has continually driven the acquisition of new leads, and the generation of additional purchases by existing customers. Most importantly, email marketing is a communicative way for businesses to stay in touch with customers, remind them of events, business changes or discounts and offers, and transition clients from once-off buyers to life-time advocates.

Social Appeal’s Email Marketing solution is a powerfully coherent way to maintain an ever-present existence in your customers lives, and a highly effective way to earn new customers without expensive operational overhead. Combined with professional copy-writing services, this digital marketing strategy works as a leading touch point in the communication between you and your customers.

Social Appeal will create a monthly newsletter, complete with original copy and a custom design layout based on your branding imagery. The functionality of the emails will be based upon your goals. For example, if your main objective is brand-repetition, the emails will be focused upon reminding customers of your operations and the products or services you provide.

The emails will be sent to recipients who ‘opt-in’ to the email sequence through (1) internal manual import, or (2) automatic sequence import by entering their details into the opt-in form that Social Appeal will create and embed on your business’ website. The full-list of email recipients will be made available to you along with the monthly status report. You will, therefore, have a complete list of potential customers willing to engage with your business.

Get started with email marketing, and generate new leads!


  • Monthly Copywriting Service
  • Professionally Designed Email
  • Website Embedded Opt-In Form*
  • Full list Of The Email Recipients
  • Monthly Reporting
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