The Social Magnet

Attract All The Right People In All The Right Ways

‘The Social Magnet’ is one of Social Appeals more advanced digital marketing solutions, where we combine content marketing, email marketing, and social media advertising to deliver you with a powerful system to generate legitimate, qualified leads.

The Social Magnet includes the development of an intriguing eBook based on an industry-related topic that will act as a downloadable incentive for your prospective leads. After this has been developed, the real marketing begins.In order to download the eBook, users will need to input their email address. Those downloading your eBook will be your ideal customer – they are interested in what you offer, and are in need of it.

An automated email sequence, using our unique five-step email structure, will be sent to those potential customers who download the eBook. These will link to a series of operating landing and sales pages. The eBook offer will be promoted through advertisements on Facebook and/or Instagram, through your website (WordPress-hosted only), and through any other email lists you currently have.

Online customer appointment booking is also available as an add-on. Whilst the eBook is the core aspect of this product, the peripheral marketing strategies are where the power lies – turning interested leads into paying customers. As a lead generation strategy, ‘The Social Magnet’ is specifically designed to address every marketing need of your business.


  • Professionally-Designed eBook
  • eBook Consisting Of Up To 20 Pages
  • 2 eBook Landing Pages
  • Website Integration
  • Automated Email Sequence
  • Five Original Emails (Design & Copy)
  • Paid Social Media Advertising ($300 value)
  • Consultation Sessions
  • Monitoring And Maintenance
  • Email List Handover
  • Online Appointment Booking System*
  • Optional Continued Promotion
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