The Content Crusher

Regular High-Quality Content Can’t Be Beat

One of the biggest issues businesses have with marketing is that they struggle to develop regular content for their social media handles and their website. Social Appeal has developed a powerful digital marketing strategy to ensure your business has a guaranteed stream of high-quality content every week for six months.

With ‘The Content Crusher’, Social Appeal will spend a full-day with your business developing content with our photographer and videographer. Social Appeal will then design and curate six months of relevant and professionally-produced marketing content.

The content will then be published to your social media handles and your website at a frequency of two uploads per week. With regular content being distributed from your digital assets every week for six months, your business no longer has the pressure of irregular or sporadically-uploaded content.

Your customers – and your competitors – will be impressed by your commitment to customer engagement and interactivity, which will ensure an ever-increasing stream of leads and, resultantly, customers. After three months, Social Appeal will hold a strategy session with your business to ensure the campaign is running smoothly, and to allow for any major changes to the strategy.

If you take your content seriously, the customers will take your business seriously.


  • 6-Month Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Initial Planning Consultations
  • Full-Day Of Content Development
  • On-Site Photography And Video Development
  • Monitoring And Maintenance
  • Professionally Designed And Curated Branded Content
  • 2x Original Social Media Posts Published Per Week
  • Consultation Sessions
  • Ongoing Support And Advice
  • 3-Month Midpoint Strategy Meeting
  • Monthly Reporting
Lead Generation Is Essential For Small Businesses