SEO Alignment

Don’t Wait For Customers To Find You. Bring Them To You.

Just as a store needs to be attractive and well-maintained in order to attract customers, websites need to be functional and well-developed. However, just as a path is required in order for customers to find a store, SEO is required in order for online customers to find a website.  The process of SEO alignment includes the thorough analysis of your company’s website and other digital assets, the implementation of keywords, metatags and text and heading tags to make it easier for your customers to find you online.

Establishing high-quality SEO is like building better roads to streamline customers to your website. Social Appeal will engage in extensive and in-depth industry and keyword research in order to discern the most appropriate SEO strategy for your business, specifically. After this initial phase, we will implement high-quality search-engine optimisation on up to 15 web pages, with a maximum of 3 photographs per page. Exceptions may include portfolios, galleries and other media-heavy web pages that require more intense SEO configurations. These exceptions will be discussed with you, and each situation will be viewed individually.

It is important to note that Social Appeal does not believe, unlike other digital marketing agencies, in a recurring SEO plan. Many agencies charge a weekly, fortnightly or monthly fee for search engine optimisation. However, at Social Appeal we believe that our SEO strategy is powerful enough to last, and is comprehensive enough to be sufficient in the long-run. Should you require additional SEO subsequent to the initial SEO package due to new website content, Social Appeal is happy to arrange a secondary personalised quote for you. If your business is updating the website very frequently, Social Appeal can also arrange an ongoing plan.


  • Search-Engine-Optimisation Service
  • Industry Keyword Research
  • Keyword Implementation On 10Pages
  • Tagging On 3 Photos Per Web Page
  • Basic Web Maintenance
  • Heading And Text Tagging
  • SEO Field Specifications And Metatags
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