Design & Develop

Perfect Your Digital Headquarters

Your business’ most valuable digital asset is your website and the website design elements – what Social Appeal refers to as your digital headquarters. Your website should be the centre of operations for all online communication, and is the most important touch point you possess. Leads that are serious about your business will only make the decision to buy into your business or not once they’ve visited your website, or landing page. Therefore, it should be well-designed, well-maintained, easily-discoverable and secure.

Social Appeal offers solutions for all of these requirements – website design, website maintenance, search-engine optimisation (SEO) and web-hosting. Your business’ digital headquarters must be complete in order to reap the full benefits and opportunities of the digital landscape.


Website Design

The online space is crowded, with nearly two billion websites – and most of them are either poorly made, not well-maintained, or are identical to one another. Make sure your digital presence can be properly felt, with high-quality and unique ‘Website Design’. Websites are the most important digital asset a company can have, and it acts as the digital storefront for a business. All other digital platforms should attempt to funnel customers to this touchpoint.

Social Appeal’s website development team will intricately develop a fully-optimised website, complete with your branding solutions and required website elements. Not only will it serve as a highly-attractive digital asset, but it will be functional and perfectly suited to your business.


Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the path to your website – it needs to be defined and carefully built in order to help customers find you. It can be difficult for customers to find what they’re looking for with the vast amount of content available on the web now. Allow SEO to guide your customers straight to your website.

It is important to note that Social Appeal does not believe, unlike other digital marketing agencies, in a recurring SEO plan. Many agencies charge a weekly, fortnightly or monthly fee for search engine optimisation. However, at Social Appeal we believe that our SEO strategy is powerful enough to last, and is comprehensive enough to be sufficient in the long-run.


Web Maintenance

If your business already has a pre-existing website that may need refinement or minor layout and copy changes, Social Appeal will freshen up the website and reignite the excitement. This may include ongoing maintenance – such as frequent uploads or blog imports, or may simply be once-off alterations.