Brand Vision

A Powerfully-Developed And Consistent Brand Is Unstoppable

A ‘brand’ is an organisation’s perceived identity. It is the story behind the business, and the reason as to why customers will choose you rather than turn to your competitors. It includes the business name, the logo, any slogans, colours and textures, and all other imagery that correlates to the business’ core message.

Social Appeal offers branding solutions to meet the needs of every type of business. The Brand Vision is the most important part of a business’ branding, and may often be the first step for companies in their marketing journey. After an extensive understanding is made of the direction you wish to take your business in, Social Appeal will develop a powerfully coherent logo and branding portfolio.

The moodboard portfolio will also include three stationery mockups to give you an understanding of how your branding solutions may be applied to other uses, such as on business cards. In addition, branding concepts and suggestions will be recommended, with the inclusion of stock images and other creative elements.

To give your business the power of continued branding potential, Social Appeal will also detail and explain many of the branding particulars, and will offer in-depth colour codes, typography specifications and more. At the core of this package is the development of a logo. But branding is so much more than a logo. If you want to succeed as a business, you must have a well-designed and professionally-coordinated brand.


  • Professionally-Designed Logo
  • Moodboard Portfolio
  • 3x Stationery Mockups
  • Branding Specifications
  • Design Brief
  • Consultation Sessions
Branding Product - Brand Vision

The logo is the forefront of your business, and the most important part of your branding. A logo should be attractive, functional, and it should reflect the corporate vision of your business. It sets the standard for the remainder of your branding solutions, and it must embody your branding message.

The Brand Vision is centered around the development of a professional and high-quality logo for your business. Subsequent to the completion of an extensive questionnaire and a design brief, you will be supplied with a number of various sketch options. After multiple revisions have been made, and once you’ve selected your ideal design scheme, Social Appeal will work closely with you to design the perfect logo for your business to ensure that it communicates an effective corporate message.

One of the most fundamental components of branding is the retention of brand consistency. Branding must be uniform across different platforms, business channels and throughout all of your marketing collateral.

Social Appeal will provide a set of guidelines and a variety of different branding imaginings for specific uses. By following these ‘rules’, you can be certain that brand consistency will exist, and that your brand integrity is being upheld.

The Brand Vision package is inclusive of colour swatches and gradient specifications to give you the power to expand your branding throughout every level of your business.

Similarity in colour, texture and design is vital for ongoing brand consistency. The provided details will ensure your business maintains consistent branding, and will assist in the development of future marketing collateral.

Similarly to the colour swatches and gradients, Social Appeal will provide typographical guidelines, details and the information regarding font selection.

Allow your text to be more compelling and authoritative with uniform typography design throughout all of your platforms – from your website to your contracts and brochures.

Mockup designs are powerful ways to see real-life applications of your new branding solutions. Your logo will need to be suitable for business cards, stationery and social media handles, and Social Appeal will provide your business with an insight into how to best present your brand on these various marketing collateral elements.

Creative branding has the power to make you look great, but how do you start to build proper branding? Just the creation of a logo can be a nerve-wracking experience, let alone choosing colours, fonts, taglines and all the other things that go into creating a consistent brand.

We can help with all of that, and more. Good branding is more than just making a logo. It’s about using a consistent style in your marketing material so that anyone who looks at your ads can instantly recognise that it’s yours. It may start with a catchy logo, but things like font selection, colour schemes, and layout also play a major role.

Tell us your ideas and we’ll use our marketing and advertising expertise to make them shine.

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