The Heart And Soul Of Your Business

Branding is at the centre of all of your business operations. From promoting yourself and your deliverables, to your relationship with your customers and retaining a loyal client base. Branding shapes the way your business is perceived and, ultimately, the type of organisation that it is.

Branding is a relatively broad term that includes your business’ name, logo, slogan, and related imagery such as colours, textures and fonts. These elements should combine to develop a powerfully-coherent business identity. Both creativity and business understanding play a role in developing your brand, and through the collaboration between Social Appeals digital marketing department and graphic designers, your branding solutions will be effective and inventive.

A business’ brand is the story behind the business, so it is important to make sure you’re telling the best version of the story that you can. Social Appeal’s branding solutions will help you discover your business identity, and will develop the most suitable branding collateral for your business needs.


Brand Vision

The ‘Brand Vision’ is Social Appeal’s logo and branding solution, and includes a professionally-designed logo and an extensive mood-board portfolio that will guide your business identity. The importance of branding cannot be overstated, and the ‘Brand Vision’ product will not only provide you with industry-leading branding solutions, but will also offer a set of guidelines and recommendations to aid in any future branding initiatives, such as business cards or website design.

Your business must have a clear identity that sets you apart from your competitors.

Social Appeal’s ‘Brand Vision’ will ensure your branding solutions put you ahead of your competition and into the eyes of your potential customers.


Branded Photoshoot

Businesses can take their branding initiatives to the next level, with Social Appeal’s ‘Branded Photoshoot’. A professional photography team will visit your workplace and conduct an extensive photoshoot of your employees, the workplace, projects, and other points of interest. These photographs will serve as a vital part of your brand identity, and will extend your branding solutions exponentially.

The ‘Branded Photoshoot’ is a powerful way to show your customers the business behind the logo, and can serve as great content. Your clients will take you more seriously if you take yourself more seriously, and Social Appeal will help you create a stronger business presence with the ‘Branded Photoshoot’.


Brand Story Video

Take full control of your brand identity with the perfect branding solution – the ‘Brand Story Video’. This 1-3 minute video (or, three 1 minute videos) will articulate your brand message, who you are as a business, and why people should choose you as opposed to your competitors.

The ‘Brand Story Video’ will be filmed over a half-day period, and will be professionally-produced to ensure the highest-quality. The competed footage can be used for advertisements, hosted on your website or even posted onto social media.